Apr 282011

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Claudine is a hot babe from downtown LA. Young, hip, savvy and perverted and the bitch loves anal. Claudine is “The Perfect JuicyBunny”.

Carmen is into kinky stuff so we have some nice mother’s milk footage, a nice shower squirt and some intense finger-rubbing her sweet little pussy.  Carmen blew into the Eastbay from Hawaii and the Eastbay has not been the same since.

Candace Von is a buxom beauty from the south. Her 44FF’s enter the room a good 10 seconds before she does. Her smile is captivating, her sex is intense. Candace is one of our favorite JuicyBunnies.

Alexia, sweet Thai babe was one of our first LA shoots. We caught her as she entered the business, made quite a stir, then split. We loved working with her. She is one of the most beautiful Thai girls we’ve had the chance to work with. In this series we begin with a co-ed sleeping fantasy to a cosplay set with Alexia as a soldier. Alexia really got off playing with her weapon, rubbing it intensely over her pussy, soaking her panties. She enjoyed the set immensely as did Pinky, sitting off camera. When we took some pictures of Pinky later, her panties had a long wet strip between her delicate Chinese thighs.

Katarina Kat fell into our laps and gave us one of the most intense JuicyBunny video sets to date. This former Russian acrobat can bend and twist and contort her lithe body into a pretzel in many forms. Check her intense scene with the jack rabbit and her especially inspired self finger bang. Wow.

Leona, Asian sweetie comes from inland and south of LA. She is a kinky little 2nd gen Chinese babe who loves to be naughty with her husband, and sometimes in front of her husband. We spent the
afternoon and evening with Leona in the hotel Janis Joplin OD’d in. Nice vibe I know, but Leona seemed possessed by the God of Sex. Her scenes are intense and she loves to be photographed the most. Something about opening her pussy lips that quickly became wet and sticky.

DOWNLOAD NOW This is a mix of several models from JuicyBunny.

Sisi: We met Sisi in San Francisco after several months of trying to hook up. She was shy and not sure if people really wanted to see her naked body.  After one look we told her, YES, YES, YES.  See this hot Chinese cougar in oriental dress just because she knows it makes you stiff. Sisi loves anal play and gives our JuicyBunny members a chance to play with her ass, up close and personal.

Angelina: This Latina teenager came to us through a chance meeting at a strip club where she told us she had only been working for a week.  That and the fact her old man can’t get hard enough, long enough, to make her happy, Angelina was down for some cock and some intense fucking.   These photos are from Angelina’s first shoot with JuicyBunny. Watch her cum over and over until she pops.

Naomi: Naomi is a Mexican teen who grew up in the South.  She is petite with perfect puffy nipples.  Into rock and roll, Naomi said she wanted to go for a retro look. So in her outfit she went and soon down came the panties. And soon enough, this Latina hottie was sucking pipe and trying to figure out how to stuff our huge dick in her tiny holes.  She managed. And for being around 5 feet tall or a little under, Naomi can handle pipe and anything else you want to stuff inside her.

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We are providing this collection of JuicyBunny Girls to give you an idea of the variety and the depth of the content available on the site.  At present time we have more than 10000 pictures on the site and continue to upload and update almost daily.

Maya is an Indonesian amateur who wanted to try her hand at American porn.  She brought along her Balinese boyfriend, Boy, just for that purpose.  This hot goddess of Bali gave us several photo sets in different outfits, a beautiful solo sex scene and then a hot steamy se scene that went three way sometime after the blowjobs and the JuicyBunny film crew getting into her pussy with fingers, tongues, and stiff wood.

Chinese amateur fetish lover, Lea Tazz came to JuicyBunny land with the idea of making a solo video in some cute outfits. After we selected her outfits she advised us she needed to have her pussy shaved. Now when you see this Cougar’s shaven pussy, with thick full meat flaps, erect and engorged and ready to wrap their sweet pussy lips around your dick and anything else available, you will see why Lea remains one of our favorite and most ‘chikan’ bunnies of the entire group of JuicyBunny Girls.

Kitty Kat with her massive Taiwan titties has an insatiable desire for sex and orgasms.  We dressed her up in several cosplay outfits and between takes she could not stop rubbing herself.  Shy and innocent, as we shot more, Kitty Kat warmed up and began to purr.  The purrs turned to slurps and only for our JuicyBunny members can her massive tits and warm and wet, shaved pussy be truly appreciated.

Asian Porn Star Evelyn Lin needs no introduction.  In her first shoot with JuicyBunny we spent several hours in different costumes making videos of the photo shoot and some very hot solo masturbation scenes shot so close you see Evelyn’s tonsils wiggle through her pussy when she cums.  Surfers should join to see her hundreds of photos and hours of video proving why she is one of the hottest Asian girls in the adult business today.

Penelope is an interesting mix of Asian and Latina cultures.  We met this perfect teen at an inland empire yogurt shop.  After talking about what we do and showing he some previous photo sets, Penelope was ‘down like James Brown’.  We did several shoots with Penelope, each one kinkier and more perverted than the last.  A true cosplayer and lover of industrial art and music, Penelope is not your usual adult porn amateur star.  She is truly unique in beauty and attitude.

Allana is the perfect brown sugar for your morning coffee and for your late night sexcap. Allan is a submissive who loves to be toyed and fondled and loves to tease in gentle, sexual ways, like gently rubbing your cock and balls with her bare feet as she smiles pretty for the camera.  As the shoot continued watch our gorgeous Allana reveal to the camera, sounds and sights not even her most intimate lovers have witnessed.  See the real Allana, only at JuicyBunny.

Yoko is a Japanese cougar from Yokohama now living in New York.  Yoko loves to dress up and more than anything she loves more than 2 to 3 cocks at a time. Her favorite color is chocolate and her favorite dick is sweet and golden brown. Watch this true sex freak get down with toys, cocks and anything she can jam in her eager and waiting mouth and tight pussy and ass.  She loves to be finger fucked in her ass as she goes down heavy for cock. Yoko knows how to satisfy, let her show you the way.

Filipina hard sex fanatic Maxine came over to shoot a very nice solo masturbation set for us. By the time she arrived on set she had already rubbed out a cum 3 times that morning.  Join JuicyBunny and see what makes Maxine tick and her pussy sweat so much Asian Love Juice.

Miko Sinz loves the camera and it is her special friend as well. In this special set, shot in Vegas one cold and wintery Vegas morning, se Miko as she warms up to toys and a very special dolphin whose vibrating nose can’t keep Miko from coming no matter how hard she restrains herself. Truly a beauty and a girl with a perfect teen body, join JuicyBunnny today to see inside Miko Sinz.

85 pounds soaking wet is how Lystra will be remembered by the JuicyBunny film Crew. Our favorite skinny and flat-chested Korean cosplayer came through for us again and again.  Watch her perverted and twisted content in the bed, in the shower, on the couches and on the floor as Miss Lystra Faith shows the viewers how we kill an afternoon in Hollywood.

Thai porn star Kiwi Ling loves to be looked at, fondled and fingered, before, during and after sex.  Watch her in these exclusive photo sets and movies as she works her fingers hard toys and even squirts for Kamaji after a gentle pussy tug.

Asian amateur, Leona is a fetish freak who loves having sex in front of her hubby.  Just not with her hubby.  See Leona as she breaks out of her shell and revs up for several hot fantasy scenes that give new meaning to the phrase, ‘intense orgasm-addict’.

Sisi was hesitant to take off her panties at first until after some coaxing she finally did. Sisi has a very sweet little pussy with hardly any pussy hair. It’s easy to find her clit and once you give her some swipes with a finger or toys, she opens her legs and the fountains of love nectar begin to flow.  This Chinese cougar, craves sex and loves being serviced by willing males, toys and her own fantasies.  A night with Sisi is a night of sexual ecstasy.  See her exclusive photo sets and videos only at JuicyBunny.

Pinky was a new comer to the adult scene when we meet her at a club awhile back. She was hanging with a couple girlfriends who were looking for dick.  So was Pinky but she also wanted to model. She came over to the Alexia shoot we were doing and by the end of the night, we had her clothes off and she was so wet she lost herself in a cum without even fingering her virgin Chinese puss.  See thousands of photos and hours of video with the sexiest Chinese Bunny we have played with in some time. All real orgasms. No fake stuff.

Brenda brought her gf, Ashley to the shoot. Brenda was nervous at first but realized we were cool and quickly got naked. Brenda, spends most of her life naked or near to it by spending hours at the southern Cal beaches near her home and in the back seats of cars of her high school stud boyfriends.  Brenda loves sex and can’t get enough. Watch her girl-girl photo sets and see her get herself off at JuicyBunny.com. Brenda is an exclusive model for JuicyBunny.

Hawaiian surfer girl, Jandi Lin came to JuicyBunny for her first shoot on the mainland.  Jandi is into punk rock music, surfing, long, thick shafts and body art. To us her body is a work of art. Watch her pull her fat pussy lips open for you as she sinks her fingers in up to the hilt, and let the secret JuicyBunny weapon of love pierce her every crack, crook and crevice.

Japanese girl, Mika did this shoot for us just before going back to Tokyo to work in Roppongi. She loves foreign dick and the freedom that living in the west gives her.  A bit of a freak, she looks innocent enough until the toys come out then all holes are open for business.  Quiet and accommodating, Miko livens up as she pummels her pussy and ass to climax.

Rebecca is a fetish model living in Vancouver.  Her tight virgin holes were not tight and no longer virgin after our shoot with her.  Her milky, white perfect body is almost good enough to eat.  In fact, Rebecca is good enough to eat.